The Othello Yearbook Project
How goofy were you in high school?
I was curious about my own past yearbooks from Othello High School and did a search on the internet to see if they were available.  I found that several other locations had yearbooks available, but Othello didn't.  So I thought.... wouldn't it be great to view ALL of Othello's annuals on the internet? 

This project will take time so please be patient. We are starting with the oldest yearbooks that Othello High School has in its archives:  1955 and 1962.

Please check back often. I will be posting the yearbooks needed to complete the project, so start looking in that box in your basement.
Yearbooks Needed:
If you have any of the above OHS yearbooks and are willing to let us scan them, please contact Brian Gentry at (509) 488-7430 or email.